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Heartland Solutions believes that community-based organizations are the engines of social change for people and neighborhoods in which opportunities and resources are limited. Our community assessment services include: 

  • Infographics, key recommendations,  survey design, data collection, presentation materials and a site visit (when requested) to present information and trends to key stakeholders. 

  • Collecting data that enables your program to weather economic changes and respond to new service environments and competitors.

  • Linking your community assessment data to funding opportunities and business development strategy. 

Community needs assessments establish the essential foundation for vital planning

Comprehensive Community Assessments 

Heartland provides full data collection and analysis services. Our team includes demographers and computer science professionals that have expertise in data analysis, use of geographic information systems, and cross - comparison of data across sectors, that also have served as staff in Head Start programs. 

 We have even created a proprietary APP that allows us to analyze data at the neighborhood level quickly and effectively.

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Community Assessment Update

 What most programs don't realize is that the update requires a different approach that analyzes the trends and changes across communities and places them in the context of the service environment. Heartland's community assessment update includes  data collection that supplements and enhances the information you have on hand and updates to the data that has been collected. The goal of our community assessment updates are to provide  a map for adapting your program that also guides continuous program improvement. 

Data Gathering and DESIGn  Services 

 Heartland's data collection services include preparing data sets that address specific grant criteria, assistance documenting program outcomes, and collecting data to support the grant development and

program planning process.


Heartland has extensive experience writing competitive designation renewal system (recompetition) applications as well as capturing other funding and can help you develop a strong, competitive funding proposal. 


223 Cattail Bay

Windsor CO 80550



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