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Eagle County Schools Early Childhood Transition Project: From Funding to Evaluation  

Youth Build   

Responsible Fatherhood   

National Farmworker Jobs Program   

Research & Quality Improvement 

Heartland Grant Solutions focuses on a number of the most critical social issues impacting our communities: education and youth, healthcare, sustainability, inequality, and community development. We work to help agencies implement strategic asset-based decision-making that we believe advances stakeholder participation and engagement. Our solutions and approaches have the power to change the world. 

Heartland projects span position papers, grant evaluation, and applied research projects including survey design and analysis, assessment, and creating systems for data collection that support continuous program improvement. We help programs define actionable metrics that support positive change and project functionality. 



Heartland's annual reports for Head Start programs and other projects provide an in-depth overview of your organization's or program's accomplishments including:

  • Program description

  • Funding sources broken out by type and percentage

  • Financial audit results

  • Average monthly attendance, etc.

All annual reports are completed and individualized to the specific organization type and reporting requirements for specific federal programs such as Head Start, Community Action, Health Resources Services Association, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and other programs. 

NCCPI Annual Report.JPG

Click the image to download a sample 

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Heartland Program Snapshot - Oral Health in PA
The Pennsylvania Expanding Access to Oral Health Project 2015-2022

PA oral health review.JPG

Click the image to download a sample of our work! 

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