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Grant Writing

Heartland specializes in writing Head Start Redesignation Grants, Continuation Applications, Slot Conversions, and Supplemental Head Start Grants. In addition to grants from foundations, state preschool proposals, and all 15 federal agencies supporting families and children

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Heartland community assessments  support Head Start programs, Community Action programs, and public health agencies in accurately assessing the context for services in the community and the needs of families and children. Our assessments are valuable research tools that aid organizations in seeking funding and prioritizing services to address unmet needs.

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 Training and  Development

Heartland staff are 

certified in strategic visioning and have the experience needed to support continuous quality improvement, data - driven decision making and program improvement. We specialize in supporting programs preparing for federal reviews, CLASS reviews, and in designing strong monitoring systems. 


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About Us

Heartland Grant Solutions, founded in 2014, has spent the last decade forming relationships and supporting agencies of all types seeking funding for health, early childhood, and human services. Our portfolio of clients includes Head Start grantees, non-profits, school districts, workforce grantees, state departments, and community action agencies across the nation.

Our professional grant writing, evaluation, training, and organizational development services are appropriate for a wide variety of agencies from the smallest non-profit to some of the largest corporate entities in the United States.

We strive to provide innovators with the information and data they need to discover new solutions, patterns and pathways towards strengthening organizations.

Our professional staff has a long history of work with diverse providers, and understands the similarities and differences between programs, the alignment of standards and policies, as well as strategies for blending funding to best serve children and families. Heartland specializes in writing grant proposals, creating community needs assessments, program evaluation, developing program policies and procedures, advocacy management, managing post-award activities, and developing strategic and sustainability plans. 

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